Children’s Braces

Child and Teenage Orthodontics in Wimbledon
Children’s Braces

At Ridgway dental our orthodontists help children achieve straight smiles and overcome common problems like overcrowding, increase over bites and over jets (which can increase the risk of damage to teeth whilst playing sports), cross bites and spaces between teeth.

What happens if my child needs braces?

What happens if my child needs braces?

Your child’s general dentist will often suggest a free consultations for children with the orthodontist at the age of 10-12 if they notice any signs of the common orthodontic problems.

However if you are concerned about your child’s smile you can book a free consultation yourself at any time.

At the consultation our orthodontists may take pictures and X-rays in addition to their clinical examination and they will discuss with you any orthodontic treatment needed.

Children’s Braces FAQs

What is the best age to get braces for a child?

10 – 14. As this is the best age to modify any growth changes of the jaws as this is a peak stage for children.

If we start too early then there may not be enough adult teeth in the mouth to achieve the result we want and the treatment may take much longer overall with multiple different phases of treatment. If we start too late then the treatment may become more complex as the teeth may have become impacted or have erupted in more unfavourable positions.

How much do child braces cost UK?

The cost of children braces vary. If your child is eligible for NHS treatment then there can be no cost. For more details check out this blog post:

Treatment with us starts at £4000 the cost of which can be spread over time.

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