Forget E3

Forget E3 - check out our new digital tooth scanner!
Ridgway Dental
09, Apr 2019

Forget E3 check out our new dental digital scanner!

The video games industry congregate at E3 every June to see new ideas and the latest gaming news. This year the big news was the release of the Xbox One X which will bring amazing looking graphics which is reviewed here.Our news (for us at least) is just as exciting! We have managed to get an itero scanner which allows us to take 3D scans of your mouth! The video below shows George explaining the scanner in more detail.It allows us to show any problems with your teeth in 3D and more importantly take impressions for most procedures without the need for any liquid impressions in your mouth.

The itero scanner has an advantage over the other scanners on the dental market in that it allows us to show you the changes Invisalign (invisible braces) could make to your mouth on the same visit.If you would like more information or want to book an appointment to see what your teeth would look like once straightened for free please do call us on 0208 946 2255 or email us on

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